If you are over 30 years of age, you have probably spent about 8 years of your life just sleeping. And while that number sounds big, it is not enough. 
In the mad race of life, we often overlook the basics that help us flourish – and a healthy sleep tops that list. We are getting more conscious about what we eat and how we move, and it is high time we focus on how well we sleep.

The health benefits of a good sleeping posture are numerous. A good night’s sleep provides energy during the day and thus improves the quality of your life. Here we list 10 reasons to help you focus more on this elixir of life.

  1. Weight Management

Staying indoors during Pandemic meant an increase in weight for many, and it wasn’t just the sedentary lifestyle but also poor sleeping patterns. All-night movie marathons, midnight gaming, and late evening work meant that our sleep suffered and that directly resulted in an increase in weight. A Swedish University research even suggested that insufficient sleep hinders our hormonal balance, and this results in cravings for high-carb foods. This is why you don’t go for a midnight salad but rather prefer chips, candies, or coke.

  1. Better Brain Function

With regular healthy sleep, a person can have improved memory, better cognitive abilities, and just a happy brain overall. Because when you sleep, your brain works on other things. One of the tasks is organizing and matching memories—a process known as memory consolidation. So, more sleep (7-8 hours) would mean your brain gets enough time to organize your memories. So perhaps the only way a poor sleep cycle would help is if you forgot an important birthdate and blamed it on science!

  1. Improved social skills

European Sleep Research Society study proved that sleep-deprived humans have less emotional empathy, which means that they are more likely to have issues with recognizing other people’s emotions and expressions. And this could result in poor connections with people around you, at home or at work. So now you know, the night before that big office party or reunion, you gotta sleep long!

  1. Zombie Mode

Not suggesting that pulling an all-nighter will make you a Walking Dead character but staying awake beyond 24 hours can be seriously detrimental to your mental and physical health. First, you feel irritated, then the real fatigue sets in and your brain’s comprehensibility reduces. Studies have even reported that people who stayed awake for over 48 hours experienced hallucinations and disoriented thinking. So, if you’re reading this at night, read it till the end and sleep!

  1. Chances at better immunity

Remember how you are always asked to sleep when ill? One reason is of course to conserve your energy, but when you sleep the immune system releases cytokines which help your body fight illness and trauma. But of course, you already knew that, right?

  1. Feel younger

As you grow older, your sleeping habits will also change. But a study in the UK on 50-year-olds suggested that those who could sleep healthily felt younger in comparison to those who slept for only 4-5 hours. And while this may be a psychological effect, it makes sense because a good night’s sleep can energize you, and energy is directly associated with youthfulness. So don’t wait for a later age to sort your sleep cycle, start today!

  1. Skin repairs

They don’t call it ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing. And the science behind it is common knowledge too. When you sleep, the little elf called the ‘pituitary gland’ releases growth hormone that favors repairing and growth in your cells. This is also why you may sometimes see darker circles under your eye after a poor sleep; the skin under the eyes is extremely thin and so even the slightest change in your body could reflect under your eye. A 17-step-Korean skincare routine may or may not work, but a 7-hour sleep cycle will work wonders for your skin. 

  1. Better productivity

Believe it or not, good 7-hour sleep will work more in your favor as opposed to cutting out on sleep for meetings. A Harvard Business Review study suggests that entrepreneurs who sleep less than their body requirements struggle to evaluate complex alignments that could be a key differentiating factor for their business. Modern entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates openly endorse 7-9 hours of sleeping time for better productivity at their businesses. So next time you have a big day of work coming up, maybe nap a little!

  1. Balm for injuries

Canadian study touted sleep as a ‘medicine for injuries’ based on its research. They concluded that sleep deprivation hinders muscular repairs in humans, and healthy sleep has been proven to even improve athletes’ performances at the Olympics. And hey, if it can work for athletes around the world, it can help a champion like you.

  1. Your Heart

crucial study proved that sleep deprivation was more harmful to the heart than any other organ. When your body isn’t rested well, it produces cortisol, a stress hormone, which increases the risks of cardiovascular problems such as heart disease, stroke, etc. A good quality mattress and bed thus becomes important, especially for senior citizens, for a well-rested sleep.

Healthy sleep is important for your body to function at its best. With adjustable beds like Jade’s, you get to sleep in the exact posture that feels the most comfortable. Side sleepers may need options that support their necks and contour around the shoulder. Backs sleepers might prefer a firm sleeping surface, and stomach sleepers find relief with a softer sleeping surface. Whatever way you can find to get that good night’s sleep, figure it out if you haven’t already. Call it a lifehack or ancient practice - but the universal truth is that Sleep is THE MOST important aspect of a healthy and happy life.

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