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Welcome to Jade Sleep – where good sleep is no longer a dream

Humans spend an average of 1/3rd of their lives sleeping, so your bed and mattresses play a bigger role in your life than you think. And with the WFH lifestyle, your bed might double down as your workstation, dinner table or even theatre seats! This means that your bed needs to be beyond your expectations – and our adjustable beds do exactly that! 

We offer premium quality beds and mattresses that provide ultimate support to your body from neck to toe. Not just your body, we also support the environment with the use of sustainable materials, and recyclable packaging.

Luxurious. Long-lasting. Honest.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustibility  Function

Wireless  Remote

Customizable for the most comfortable position for your body. Remote controlled. In-built massage motors. Basically, the bed of your coziest dreams.

Premium Mattresses

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Choose from 4 offerings. Orthopedic Memory Foam, Pocket Spring Mattress with Memory Foam and Latex Layers, 100% Natural Latex Mattress. Buy one to create the healthiest sleep for years to come.




100% organic and vegan latex pillows for ultimate neck support. Activated charcoal infused, Naturally Hypoallergenic and highly breathable. 

Beds that adjust to you!

Our beds are like best friends-supportive and adjusting

Think of our beds like an adjustable laptop stand but for your body. Jon Snow may know nothing, but we know everything to give you the most luxurious sleep experience. Our adjustable beds are ideal for senior citizens and kids as well, by creating the most comfortable position to sleep in. All our bed models come with in-built massagers, that provide a gentle vibration-like effect for a sleep that you dream of! And our mattresses create the softest experience for you to sleep on, or even sit and watch TV or read- whatever you like, our beds will support you.

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Truth Over Gimmicks

When we created Jade Sleep, we wanted to create an honest experience for our customers, providing them with most comfortable resting experience without any shenanigans. So even though we know our beds can last a long time, with eventual wear and tear and with human ageing, you might want to replace your existing mattress once every 8-10 years. So we offer a realistic 8 year warranty on our mattresses. Our mattresses conform to international durability standards and we have the coveted GOTS certification for our mattress fabrics. Every word you hear from us, is nothing but the truth.

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Try it for 30 days. You will not want to get out of your bed!

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 30-Day Trial period not applicable to adjustable beds

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Certified adjustable beds and mattresses that create the ultimate sleep experience – while taking care of the environment.

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The Green Life

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Pillow

Feb 17, 2023
Jayanth Gillella

Pillows are an essential part of our sleep experience, as they provide comfort and support to the head and neck. With so many types of pillows available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Latex pillows are becoming increasingly popular due to their comfort, breathability, and durability. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of pillows, the benefits of latex pillows, and how to choose the right latex pillow for you.

Adjustable Bed Buying Guide: What to Look for and Consider

Jan 23, 2023
Jayanth Gillella

Adjustable beds have been gaining popularity in recent years as more and more people are recognizing the benefits they offer for sleep quality. These beds allow users to adjust the position of the head and foot sections, providing a level of customization that traditional beds do not.

Decoding Circadian Rhythm: What is it and should you care about it?

Nov 03, 2022
Jayanth Gillella

Ever wondered what circadian rhythm is? Or how it affects our life when we are sleeping and when we are not? Read more to find out.

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