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  • Jade Adjustable bed A500
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Adjustable Bed A500

Elevate your sleep experience with our A500 bed frames, by setting positions that best suit your needs-whether you are sleeping, reading or working from bed.

Why you’ll love the A500 Adjustable Bed frame:

● Ergonomically designed to contour to your body shape.
● 3 motors to support the head and foot sections of the bed and an additional motor to support your neck.
● 3 preset positions created for daily activities that you can customize.
● In-built massage motors to provide relaxation as you ease into sleep.
● The wall-hugger feature keeps the mattress in the same place as you raise or lower the bed.
● USB ports on either side of the bed frame to charge up to 4 devices.

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Rs. 110,000.00

The Perfect Position Is in Your Hands


Uplift your sleeping style - literally!

Jade’s Adjustable Beds were created with a singular intention: To provide the best possible sleeping experience without compromising on the aesthetics. A lot of research has gone into creating our beds, right from finding the right motors for lifting the bed parts, to customizing the massage motors that take you one step closer to better sleep - whenever you want.

There are 3 individual motors under the bed frame that help you create an angle you prefer. The Head-up/down button elevates your torso portion up to an advisable 65 degrees. The Foot section can be raised up to a 35-degree angle. The Neck adjust button can elevate the frame up to a subtle 15-degree angle for optimal position.

smart bed remote by Jade Sleep

Easy to use remote 

Adjustable bed A500 comes with wireless remote control that pairs seamlessly with your bed. The remote functions are simple and easy to use. The buttons are backlit for visibility during the night. The remote doubles down as a flashlight so you can find your way around the bed in the dark.

Adjustable Bed A500 features

Save your favourite positions

A500 comes with two preset buttons and two memory buttons to save your favourite positions. The preset buttons are

Zero-Gravity: a position created by NASA scientists that creates minimum pressure on your lower spine and therefore puts your body in the most comfortable sleeping posture. It is also a suggested position to help alleviate acidity, Improve digestion and reduce foot pain.

Flat: puts your bed into a flat position, helpful for getting out of the bed with ease.

The memory buttons can be used to save an anti-snore position
Anti-snore: elevates the head a little above the chest, which helps reduce the pressure on airways and therefore reduces snoring. An added bonus for your sleeping partner!

Man on a mattress

Your Personal Masseuse

Our beds help you experience tension-relieving foot-and-neck massages, anytime, without making any bookings or spending an extra dime! The gentle vibration motors come with 3 levels of intensity that you can increase or decrease according to your comfort.

You can also set the timer for 10, 20, or 30 minutes; this way you can slide into your sleep relaxingly without worrying about switching off the massage mode. You can also choose the massage pattern; this bed frame comes with 3 vibration modes: Continuous, Wave and Pulse.

Couple sleeping on Jade mattress

Additional features over the A300 model

Woman on jade mattress

Wall-hugging technology

A500 adjustable bed is designed with two sliding parallel frames of which the top frame slides back towards the wall, as you elevate the head position of the bed. The result is you are always within hand reach to your belongings or bedside tables.


Additional Motor to support your neck

Some people prefer to sleep with a pillow. Some people wish they can adjust their pillow height. Whatever is the case, our additional motor supports your neck and provides the required adjustment.

Specifications-for the scrupulous in you


Mild steel


PU foam


Weight Capacity

Single bed: 120 kg

Queen bed: 250 kg

This includes the weight of the mattress

Power Input

240V - 50Hz

Radio Frequency

2.4 GHZ

Included Accessories

Mattress Retainer Bar

Remote Control

Power supply cable

Owner’s manual

AAA batteries

9V Batteries

Mattress and bed linen is NOT INCLUDED


Installation is not provided by the manufacturer. The product comes with a user manual that includes easy-to-follow steps for the set-up. No technical knowledge is required for the set-up, however, it is advisable to have 4 people set it up as the bed frame is heavy. Our experts will guide you through a video call for a seamless installation process.

Weight of the bed

100 kg

Delivery and Shipping

Delivery available PAN India

Free shipping all over India


Bed frame: 5 years warranty

Electrical components (including motors and remote control): 15 months

To learn more about Warranty, visit Warranty Policy

Return policy

Unless a product is delivered with defects, we do not offer a return or refund policy.

But we encourage you to thoroughly read our user manual, or contact us before purchase so that you know everything about the product before you start using it.

To learn more about Returns, visit Return Policy

Need a bespoke bed? Call us for details.

We understand that you may want your bed to match the aesthetics of your furniture, so if you want any customization around your Jade beds, then call us and we can provide every minute detail needed by your designer.


Customer Reviews

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Prabhakar Reddy
Very Comfortable

Good Product. I purchased Adjustable Bed A500 and Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress. Installation and unboxing were quick and easy. Both the products are great.