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Pocket Spring Mattress with Latex

Complete your luxurious sleep experience with our research-backed Pocket Spring with Latex Layer mattress. Made with sustainable materials, these mattresses are good for you and for the environment as well.

Why you’ll love them:

● Restricted motion transfer property allows undisturbed sleep for your partner even if you move, or vice-versa
● 100% natural and sustainably sourced latex is longer lasting and odorless
● Breathable top layer for continuous ventilation
● Suitable for every weight and size
● Edge support avoids rolling off the bed, great for children and pets
● Compatible with our adjustable beds

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Rs. 10,850.00

Every day feels like a Sunday now

Jade Pocket spring mattress coils

Why choose Pocket Spring Mattresses?

At Jade, our singular intention is to create the ultimate sleeping experience for you - and our mattresses play a huge role in this. Pocket springs are individually wrapped tempered steel coils that give these mattresses a unique quality of blocking motion transfer while providing soft yet stable support to your body.

Bonnell springs (found in traditional mattresses) ultimately create noise due to friction over time, thus creating that creaky sound while you toss and turn, and causing your mattress to feel lumpy and eventually, uncomfortable.

Women sitting on a mattress

Perfect for all kinds of sleepers-and sitters

Whether you sleep on your back, on your side, or on your belly, this mattress will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The body contouring feature of the latex layer provides a bounce and support to your body, so whether you are sitting or lounging, the mattress will take the form of your body and provide maximum comfort to your back and spine.

Pocket Spring mattress cross section

Layers that create the sleep of your dreams

Our mattresses have three layers:

  • The Pocket Springs provide great support from head to toe as you sleep. The tempered steel coils are individually wrapped in organic fabric that reduces friction between the coils.
  • The 1-inch thick Latex layer provides a soft covering that immediately contours your body, no matter how many times you move. The natural perforation acts as built-in air channels that make the mattress breathable and odorless for years to come. And because there is no chemical reaction happening between the mattress and your body heat, you stay cooler during summers and warm during winters.
  • The mattress is covered with a 100% natural and sustainably sourced cotton fabric that completes the comfortable sleeping experience and works well under any bed linen.


Woman sleeping on Jade Beds

No disturbance Sleep

Are you a light sleeper who wakes up at the slightest movement? Well not on this mattress. The pocket coil feature allows each coil to react independently to a motion; this means that even if your sleep partner moves in their section, their movement is restricted only in their area and the mattress under you stays undisturbed.

Mattress unboxing instructions
Pocket Spring mattress firmness scale



Pocket Spring coils: tempered steel

Top layer: 100% natural latex

Covering: 100% cotton fabric


72 X 36

75 X 36

78 X 36

Queen :

72 X 60

75 X 60

78 X 60


72 X 72

75 X 72

78 X 72


The mattress comes rolled in sustainable packaging, may require 2 people to open the packaging and adjust the mattress over the bed.


For normal stains, spot cleaning using fabric cleaner works.

For deep cleaning, a dry vacuum cleaning once every 6 months is recommended.

Turning the mattress for even wear and tear after 1 month is ideal.

Delivery and Shipping

Free Shipping PAN India

Free shipping all over India


We are 100% honest with our warranty, which is why we honestly know that this mattress can last you up to 8 years. Eventual wear and tear is expected over a longer period of time.

To learn more about Warranty, visit Warranty Policy

Return policy

Unless a product is delivered with defects, we do not offer a return or refund policy.

But we encourage you to thoroughly read our user manual, or contact us before purchase so that you know everything about the product before you start using it.

To learn more about Returns, visit Return Policy

Need a bespoke bed? Call us for details.

We understand that you may want your bed to match the aesthetics of your furniture, so if you want any customization around your Jade beds, then call us and we can provide every minute detail needed by your designer.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sarada Kotla
Mattresses with great comfort

Very happy to get a mattress, meeting my expectations of neither too fuzzy nor too firm. I am sleeping like a baby from past few nights, . Mattresses which sink in when u sleep or sit, made me sleepless. Also bought a foldable mattress to put on floor and used in multiple ways. Thanks to Mr. Jayanth for this customized mattresses in affordable price. Will surely refer my friends about this product and planning for one more mattress.

Superior quality at an affordable price

I was experiencing back pain frequently due to my old mattress and had come across this advertisement for Jade mattress in social media. I’ve contacted their team and explained my issue. Their team was quick to respond and they’ve suggested a customised variant of pocket spring mattress as per my requirements and it worked wonders. It is neither too fuzzy nor too firm and was perfect. Best part is, they’ve explained me everything in detail on what all to look at, while choosing a mattress. Their delivery was also swift and I had received the customised mattress within 4 working days. I’ve been using this mattress for the last 2 months and never did I experience any back pain from then. Highly recommend it!!

Ravi Prakash
Quality product at affordable price

We purchased Pocket spring mattress with Latex layer a month back and are using it regularly. Mr. Jayanth was very helpful in explaining all the details and helped us make the right choice. The delivery was prompt. The mattress meets all my expectations and is value for money. I plan to purchase one more similar mattress.

Happy with the purchase

Bought a king size pocket spring mattress with latex. Mattress is comfortable.

Very comfortable to use

Initially when I received the shipment in the blue dart, felt that the mattress sent to me was undersized. I texted customer service to notify this problem at 8 pm. To my surprise, I got a reply immediately. I was under the impression that they will attend to my message in the morning. They have notified that packing will be so compact that, when you open the package and allow some time for springs to settle, then it will gain its shape and size. This helped me and my bed gained its shape and size after a few minutes of unpacking. The bed is very comfortable to use and the cost is affordable. !