5 reasons why you should invest in adjustable beds

5 reasons why you should invest in adjustable beds

Once deemed as a luxury, adjustable beds are quickly becoming a necessity for modern homes for multiple reasons. With an increase in work-from-home and freelancing lifestyles, there has been an increased interest in pieces that can play the dual role of home and office furniture. And adjustable beds do that, and more.

But before that, what exactly is an adjustable bed? Well, these are bed frames that have a motorized base. This enables the user to raise or lower the head and feet frames to a comfortable position. Some beds, like the ones we offer , also include additional features like Bluetooth, remote-controlled commands, and in-built massagers. An adjustable bed is not just a bed – it acts as a relaxing reading nook, a comfortable recliner for binge-watching, and more. And no, they are not like hospital beds, and should not be treated as such either.

So apart from the multi-use, what are the benefits of an adjustable bed? Because let’s be honest, they are not cheap. So, this is why it is worth every penny:

  1. A complete sleep system. It is crucial that your sleep is not only 8-hours long, but also a healthy one. Got acidity issues every morning? An elevated sleep position can help. Studies have also shown that poor sleep could result in obesity and other health issues, so having a bed that adjusts to your favourable position definitely aids a healthier lifestyle. Want to get up fresh as a daisy every time? An adjustable bed can do the magic.
  2. 1 furniture. Many features. An adjustable bed may sound like something for the geriatric citizens but younger people can take advantage of these beds too. Anyone who’s worked on a laptop knows how excruciating back pains can be after long hours. Adjust your bed to support your back and elevate your feet a little and see how comfortable you get. A little secret? The author wrote this blog on our very own A300 bed .
  3. Sleep gravity-less. The most favoured position is the zero-gravity position which puts minimal pressure on the spine when you sleep. It was a position invented by NASA for their scientists on mission; resting this way alleviates pressure on spinal disks, improves circulation of blood, and relieves tension due to static resting postures. 

    Image courtesy: www.zinus.com

    So, while you may not feel the thrill of being launched into space anytime soon, resting in a zero-gravity position can help you rest like an astronaut for sure. 

  4. Helps to snore…less! People who have sleep apnea or snoring woes should definitely consider an ergonomic bed. Research proves that raising the head a bit can help in better breathing and lesser snores. Adjustable bed users can raise the head frame a bit so that the upper body is elevated a little without causing any discomfort to the neck (that usually happens when you use multiple pillows). Trust us, you and your partner will thank your adjustable bed after using it.
  5. Pivot out of bed easily. For anyone who deals with arthritis, varicose veins, or swollen limbs, a bed that can be adjusted could actually help reduce these symptoms. Instead of keeping the bed flat, you can raise the feet up by a few inches above your heart level; this will aid in better blood circulation and help you get off the bed easily in the morning with lesser movements. Or you could use Ross’ golden words to motivate your movement out of the bed.

    All things considered; you should also know the cons of an adjustable bed:

    • They are bulkier in size so set-up is not a one-man job.
    • These beds do NOT act as hospital beds so if you are choosing a bed for a patient, consult a medical professional first.
    • Your old mattress may not work on most adjustable frames, so it is best advised to purchase a compatible mattress. Most manufacturers who offer these ergonomic beds also have a good stock of adjustable mattresses too. Like we do.

Still have concerns regarding adjustable beds? That’s okay, you can call us or email us at contact@jadesleep.in and we will help to quell those queries. 



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